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Benefits Of ePREOP
Benefits Of ePREOP

Welcome to our site

ePREOP was founded by a team of independent, board-certified physicians. Our mission is to enable patients and physicians to achieve the highest quality preoperative care and to improve surgical outcomes.

As healthcare becomes increasingly complex, we provide a service that simplifies the communication between patients and the multiple physicians and hospital staff that they will encounter throughout any surgical experience.

Our software integrates various electronic health records and uses that information to deliver evidence-based preoperative recommendations. These recommendations can significantly improve postoperative outcomes, decrease case delays and cancellations, and save money by reducing wasteful spending. We also provide the means for a seamless transfer of patient data between parties, eliminating the need for frustrating, expensive, and repetitive patient interviews.

We encourage you to explore our site and use our services before your next procedure.

How You Will Benefit

ePREOP empowers patients with information. We provide evidence-based recommendations that may decrease the incidence of postoperative complications like heart attacks, pneumonia, and wound infections. ePREOP software helps ensure all necessary tests and consults have been performed. This helps avoid costly case delays and cancellations.

ePREOP is also currently integrating with perioperative EHR systems. We provide a web portal for patients to enter their data from the comfort of their home as well as the ability to capture this information directly from the physician office.


"Our group is using ePREOP to provide better care to our patients and also to help our hospital save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. We are a partner with our hospital and their success is our success."
Tim Downing, MD Anesthesiologist

"We have been looking for a system that can improve communication, prevent surgical delays, ensure safe and efficient delivery of patient care, and help us provide a positive patient experience. ePREOP's ability to transfer patient data and generate preoperative recommendations helps hospitals accomplish these goals."
Jo-Ann Ladrido, Preoperative RN

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